Sunday, August 04, 2019

Dammit, how many times do we have to say this?
 The intrawebs are about to be deluged by the gun grabbers as we stare at the news of back to back mass shootings. Over at Gun Free Zone these points are posted.
1) Be armed all the time! This isn’t a game played only on Tuesdays and Thursday. ALL THE TIME! The universe doesn’t care whether today is the day you decided to leave the gun at home so you could wear your comfy shorts.
2) YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Police response time was excellent — 6 minutes — but 20 people still died. You will decide in that 6 minutes whether you and yours live or die. You…only you.
3) Have a damned plan…ANY plan! Where might the threat come from? Where are the exits? Where is cover? Concealment? Additional weapons? A quick plan when you step into a new place takes seconds, SECONDS!
4) Where is your spouse or your kids? Did they head out on their own? Where? Do they have a place to meet you? HAVE YOU TALKED TO THEM ABOUT THE UNTHINKABLE?
5) Carry medical gear! Don’t get all wound around the axle about which tourniquet to,choose — HAVE ONE! And have the knowledge to SAVE LIVES!
6) If it sounds like a gun, IT’S A GUN! It’s not fireworks; it’s not a car backfiring; it’s not someone dropping a big tin box — it is gunfire! Act accordingly! Every single second you hesitate brings you — and your family — closer to death.
7) “Be without fear in the face of your enemies.” None of us who do this, who prepare people for the worst day of their lives, can guarantee those people will get home. I can’t save you, although God knows I would if I could. Remember that when you put that gun on in the morning, you are swearing an oath. Honor it.

Stay frosty out there!

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