Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Davy Jones Has Died

Wow.  I grew up with the Monkees.   Seems to soon...

Monkees singer Davy Jones has died after suffering a heart attack. He was 66. Martin County, Florida’s Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the news, first reported by TMZ. 

Happy Leap Day! 

I have several friends that were born on this day.  One turns 14 today.  He looks fifty, though.  When we get together we let him by the alcohol, we just don't let him drink it.

So is it leap or leep?  Not sure but, I'm gonna head over to Leapers and celebrate. It seems right.  How you gonna celebrate?

A Public Service Announcement

Because we here at the Chronicles care......

..not really.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Me To....

I like the Nuge too.  But that was not the question. 


Monday's Pun(s) !!!

Qwertyus, god of keyboards, is a character from geek mythology.

Lacking proper instruments, the surgeon had to resect a bowel using plumber's tools - it was a gut-wrenching experience.

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.

Running On Empty......

Running blind.......running into the sun, but I'm....

Finally, something president Zero has been a success at!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!


Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Softball season opener on and a Wings game on Saturday. Some range time & a little CR-914 racing on Sunday!!!! Y'all have a great weekend!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Gunboat 60 in the Caribbean 600 race.  

 The music?  Stereo Love by Edward Maya.

(Repost, but I likes it) 



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can I Get An AMEN! 

Gov. Chris Christie on Warren Buffett and his ongoing laments about the rich paying more taxes.

"He should just write a check and shut up. Really. And just contribute. I'm tired of hearing about it. If he wants to give the government more money, he's got the ability to write a check. Go ahead and write it," Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said to CNN's Piers Morgan.

Yah Hey!

Cease Babbling 

Northwestern University is "struggling" with a diversity problem. Yup, by golly there was an incident. Here is the 411...

Top administrators at Northwestern University convened a panel discussion earlier this month to address a recent incident of racial harassment on campus.

Do tell.

A student named Tonantzin Carmona was walking home when several intoxicated female students jeeringly said to her, “What, no hablas ingles?” Since then, members of the university community have organized several events aimed at making the campus more tolerant and culturally sensitive. University President Morton Schapiro was present at this most recent panel on February 12th.

OMG!! Wait.....This is racial harassment?  What am I missing? Is it the "jeeringly" component?

The event was introduced by John Marquez, an assistant professor of African American and Latino Studies. He began by dedicating his comments “to those indigenous peoples who were displaced or obliterated to build Evanston and Northwestern.”

“I hope their ghosts haunt us,” he said.

Panel convened. Isn't it a tad presumptuous to assume "indigenous peoples" a). lived here and b). were somehow displaced?  They have a African American and Latino Studies curriculum?  What does one do with such a degree? 

But the atmosphere at the conference became tense, as some students demanded that the university initiate wide-ranging diversity policies, such as making a “cultural competency” class a requirement for graduation. Administrators appeared reluctant to take that step.

“cultural competency”  Ahhhh, this is what you do with a  African American and Latino Studies degree...teach these courses.

Schapiro argued it was virtually impossible to implement a cultural competency class due to Northwestern’s many different schools and faculty-governed curriculum.

Lemme take a stab at translating this. We can't implement a “cultural competency” class on diversity due to the diverse make up of our schools and faculty.

Another controversy arose when Provost Daniel Linzer responded to a complaint that Northwestern needed a “chief diversity officer” to be responsible for diversity-related matters on campus.

Linzer said that such a person had already been hired, but that the job had been titled “assistant provost for faculty development,” because with a chief diversity officer, diversity would be seen as “somebody else’s job.”

Well, a Chief Diversity Officer would need an assistant and a staff and a....  Those African American and Latino Studies folks gotta work some wheres.

Northwestern’s most recent method of encouraging diversity was the creation of the University Diversity Council, which grew out of the Faculty Diversity Committee.

Linzer announced that the new council would have five task forces, with students working on each one: Faculty, Academic, Campus Life, Pipeline (which will deal with further diversifying the student body) and Lifetime Connections (which will deal with alumni relations.)

Let the pandering begin. Pull your chairs in a circle and sing kumbaya. 

Linzer also touted other initiatives as proof of the university’s commitment to diversity, including Northwestern’s own Center on the Science of Diversity.

OMG all this and they already have a Center on the Science of Diversity!  All hale diversity!!

After the three and half hour-long conference, many still seemed skeptical of Northwestern’s efforts to promote diversity.

“No, the university is not doing enough, and there are still key things that could be getting done,” said Tyris Jones, a senior.

 I predict in five years Tyris will be an assistant to the Chief of Diversity....or a Community Organizer.
Let us review:  A couple of drunks make a comment and the Almighty Politically Correct machine is activated. Pandering ensues. Hugs. More bureaucracy. Repeat.

Stupid is as stupid does.  Northwestern should just close down.  It is clear the school is not capable of existing as an institution of higher learning. Just stop. Cease babbling. You are stuck on stupid.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

But, Who? 

Que the meme: What if Romney loses Michigan??!

Back to Michigan. If Romney can't win there, a primary he easily carried in 2008 and where he was born and raised and where his father served as governor throughout most of the 1960s (and where he had a two-to-one lead in the polls just a month ago), then what's the argument for his nomination? What good are the polls that show him running the strongest against President Obama in the fall if he still can't get the party to fall in line behind him? A Romney defeat will, once again, inevitably reignite the chorus calling for new candidates to get in the race, or predictions of a brokered convention.

"New candidates"......But, WHO?   


Monday, February 20, 2012

Practical Wisdom

Late night ruminating on the left coast. Scrolling through the entries over at the Art of Manliness.  You know ...right?  I thought so.

I get a lot of emails from men asking questions like, “What should I major in in college?” “Should I go to medical school?” “Should I join the military?” They don’t know which path to take. I’d love to be able to tell them which way to go, but it’s not possible for me to know what would be best for these men. It’s good to seek advice and study out your options, but you eventually just have to jump in and see how it goes. It’s sort of a catch 22–you want to know what to do, but you can’t know what to do before you’ve ever done anything. You’ve got to fail and make mistakes in order to earn your practical wisdom.

For example–does it kind of suck that I had to go to three years of law school to become a blogger? Yes and no. I had to go through it in order to know what I really wanted to do, and it was not without its benefits. So what I try to tell men is this: don’t worry about whether or not it’s the right choice to join the military or major in X or whatever, because anything that gives you life experience will never be entirely bad, even if you decide it’s not something you want to do forever. Don’t be so afraid of making mistakes! Just get going and do something! Start heading down the path and give it your absolute all, and, if after doing that, you decide you need to change direction, that’s okay–as long as you learn from the experience, you’ve added to your store of practical wisdom. The next time you set course, your calculations with be more accurate in moving you towards your telos. The more decisions you make, the more practical wisdom you will gain, the better and better your choices will become and the closer and closer you’ll get to achieving true human flourishing

Oh, the ski boots? decision of my life. Practical Wisdom applied, one might say. Never had a bad time in the Hanson's. Ever....

Save The Mittster!!! 

Santorum is surging, Mitt is falling behind in his third "adopted" home state.  The redolent aire of DOOM lingers over the never ending campaign of Mitt Romney.  

Never fear, DRUDGE is here!

A quick stop at the Drudge Report finds full panic headlines.  Santorum hates puppies, fire trucks and contraception!!!!  Operation Save the Mittster is in full mode!!

Sheesh....take a Midol.

Monday's Pun(s) !!!

The store clerk lost his job, so he set up a kiosk in the mall to vend for himself.

John Deere has just released its most powerful tractor yet. It is the torque of the town.

Flying these days is a frisky business.

Moochelle a Go Go!! 

It's been one long grueling month since her 17 day vacation to Hawaii. ($4million).  exhausted from this lengthy stint of doing whatever it is she does, Moochelle Obama gathered up the kids, ordered up an Air Force jet and headed to ....Aspen.  That's right folks, Aspen. Moochelle and the kiddies are hunkered down at a billionaires mansion in the toney resort town.  Rest assured this is a "good" billionaire as opposed to those nasty Republican billionaires. (Are there any left?)

Here's a nifty little chart from the UK Daily Mail:
(Ed Note: Why do we learn of this from the foreign press?)


Michelle Obama and 40 of her friends paid for personal expenses, such as hotels and meals themselves.
But the U.S. taxpayer would have paid for the 68-strong security detail, personal staff and use of presidential jet Air Force Two.
Payment for the secret service team ran at around $281 each - nearly $98,000 for the duration of the summer break.
Use of Air Force Two comes in at $149,900 for the round trip, not including time on the ground.
Mrs Obama's personal staff, of which there were an unknown number, should also be taken into account.

According to the Hawaii Reporter the costs were:
$63,000 on an early flight bringing Mrs Obama and the children to Hawaii ahead of the President.
$1,000,000 on Mr Obama’s return trip from Washington on Air Force One.
$16,000 to rent nearby homes for Secret Service and Navy Seals.
$134,000 for 24 White House staff to stay at the Moana Hotel.
$251,000 in police overtime.
$10,000 for an ambulance to be on hand at all times.
Michelle Obama and her daughters stayed at the Sebastian hotel on Vail Mountain, where rooms cost more than $2,400 for multi-bedroom suites.
The family appear to have flown there on Air Force Two.
They were escorted to the resort by about a dozen vehicles, including 15 state and local law enforcement officers.
The Blue Heron Farm estate, where the Obama family stayed, rents for about $50,000 a week.
Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama flew to the estate just hours before the president to make the most of the holiday - again, incurring extra flight costs.
According to U.S. News and World Report, the Coast Guard was required to keep ships floating near the property. The presidential helicopter and jet remain at the ready and security agents will be on 24-hour duty.
According to the Hawaii Reporter the costs were:
$63,000 on an early flight bringing Mrs Obama and the children to Hawaii ahead of the President but add security and personnel for a total of about $100,000.
$3,271,622 on Mr Obama’s return trip from Washington on Air Force One.
$151,200 to rent nearby homes for Secret Service and Navy Seals.
$72,216 for 24 White House staff to stay at the Moana Hotel.

 Prolly just doing research on those 1%.  Oh. The. Sacrifice.

Victor Davis Hanson remarks on the vacationing proclivities of the First Moocher:

All that is water under the bridge. But her latest getaway to the Aspen ski resorts to stay with a billionaire ski developer, while perfectly ethical, is the proverbial camel’s straw that breaks the back of her populism — and the notion that the Obamas can make any ethical argument about the “them vs. us” divide. She sees no connection at all between presidential rhetoric and actual deed, even symbolically so — as gas goes over $4 a gallon in the west and the administration gears up for a class-warfare campaign that is making the argument that the privileged have amassed their wealth unfairly and are out of touch. The public is then confused about whether she goes to Aspen to see firsthand what the 1 percent have done with their ill-gotten gains, or to enjoy what they have, or to offer exemptions in exchange for generous campaign donations. (How does one go from being a demonized Halliburton or Koch to an enlightened Solyndra or Buffett other than professing by fealty?)

So as you grapple with your mortgage, kid costs, $4-5 dollar a gallon gas, summer vacation cancelled, car repairs etc....take heart, Moochelle will be rested and ready for her next vacation right after she is through Occupying Aspen. You can have fun predicting which exotic playground she will head to next!

Friday, February 17, 2012


No not Steve, I'm talking real jobs...where did they go?

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!


Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Wings game tonight, SNO home from UCI.  Lacrosse tryouts, softball scrimmage and some range time on Sunday!!!! Y'all have a great weekend!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

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Jon & Ken suspended by KFI Los Angeles for calling an addict with a 20 year history of doing crack and whatever else could fit up her nose a....wait for it....Crack Ho!

"She's been cracked out for 20 years, and we heard how obnoxious she was these parties, I mean, she's doing handstands, she's babbling like an idiot, running around ... she's a mess ...  She's been doing this for 20 years.... So, how much of a pain in the ass do you think she was?  Can you imagine, you're CLIVE DAVIS, and she has not been -- she has not had her head screwed on right for 20 years?  At some point you’re just sick of it all, and so is everybody else in the industry, all her friends and hangers on, everybody who knew had to deal with her, it’s like, 'ah, Jesus, here comes the crack ho again, what’s she gonna do; Oh, look at that, she’s doing handstands next to the pool. Very good, crack ho, nice.'  After a while, everybody’s exhausted. And then you find out she’s dead. It’s like, 'really ... took this long?'"  

Then again, maybe it was the handstand comment.  Gymnasts can be real bitches ya know. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Remember your first time?



Detroit Rock!

Detroit Zoo

Vintage 1980.

Memory lane: Went there as a kid so many times.  Went there while in college one winter.  Girl I knew said the bears were more active.  She was right.  ;-)

The Gunny Takes Charge

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Conservative in the Making?

Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week by a machete-wielding intruder at his vacation home in the West Indies, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said Monday.

Just saying......


Huh?  I have read several posts on the naming of a US Navy warship after Arizona Congress person, Gabrielle Giffords.  Most comments begin with the disclaimer, "With all due respect...", so does mine

With all do respect, why? I am confident she is a wonderful person.  I am sorry for her involvement in a clearly tragic shooting.  Yet, again, why are we naming a warship after her?  

Here's some names for you, 74 year old Bill Badger, Daniel Hernandez and CCW holder, Joe Zemudio.  

Who are they?  The three guys that tackled the killer when his magazine emptied.  19 shot, 6 dead, total chaos.....yet 3 Great Americans stood and answered the call. They put themselves in harm's way.  Heroes? You decide.

You want suggestions for ship names....I got three.


You have yours. I have mine.


a Big A** Balloon!
Monday's Pun(s) !!! 

The Dentist and the Manicurist married....they fought tooth and nail.

Acupuncture....a jab well done.

With her marriage she got a new name and  a dress.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Died. 

48 years old.  Had it all and then .....

I hope you find peace in heaven.

Soft and safe to thee.


Knockin em outta the park!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mrs. P.

Stuck... my head.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!


Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Picking up a new toy on Saturday....more later.  Sunday is range time !!  Y'all have a great weekend!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Of these things we speak...

(i.e. told ya!!!)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Tuesday, February 07, 2012



Obama 2012: He’ll Do Better This Time, Honest.


There's a campaign slogan for ya.......


 Jim Treacher has the details.