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 Thing That Make You Go Hmmmm????

Biden Edition:

Were the Biden documents declassified? If ‘yes, by whose authority and what evidence (if any) is there that this authority was actually exercised?

Can President Biden ratify his past conduct by retroactively declassifying the documents?

Can the President pardon his own prior conduct, particularly where the conduct arises in connection with his former service in another administration? 

What (if any) non-statutory continuing (fiduciary) duties do former elected-officials, appointed-officers, and government employees-&-agents have involving confidential government communications? See Seth Barrett Tillman, Loyola University of Chicago Law School, Fourth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium, Six Puzzles for Professor Akhil Amar 15 n.67 (Nov. 1, 2013), <>.

For the purposes of the Impeachment Clause (Article II, Section 4), and the allegations surrounding Bidens VP duties, is President Biden a current office-holder or a former office-holder? 

Much more at Reform Club



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How does one put this on a resume?

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 USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!,

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4th Consecutive GRAMMY Win?!! 

So is this karma, luck, or some kinda moon alignment?? 

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By the bye, where is that Epstein client list?

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 Michael Yon

Our old friend from days past in the wars in the Sand Box is now down in Panama.  He is reporting on the base camps for assembling the "refugess" in Migration Camps to head north to the USA southern boarder. They are using the Darien Gap area to muster.


Not surprising, the camps have grown dramatically.  Guess who is the migrant flavor of the day is.... mainland Chinese folks.  

Maybe the Spy Balloon was getting road map data!

 The whole enchilada is Here

 More here with the Bayou Renaissance Man! 

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New Terms....

Used to be called "Natural Causes"  Hard to say that anymore. Now we have SADS.

Same result, you're dead...

 A Good Read...  

Stumbled across a nice little dissertation over at Adaptive Curmudgeon. ( He likes to sit under a tree and ponder events and things.  Some good points for discussion in this tome.

We just watched a planet wide experiment: does freewill matter? I think so. Here’s how I figure it:

  1. People who deeply wanted the vax are happy. They exercised freewill, made a decision, and got what they wanted. Nothing (possibly including death) will change their opinion. Also, should their opinion change, there’s not a damn thing they can do about. Once the vax is in the blood it can’t be “removed”.
  2. People who deeply did not want the vax (and were strong enough to remain intact) are happy. Nobody wanted the beating surrounding their decision but they definitely exercised freewill. They made a decision and got what they wanted; often at a heavy price. They aren’t likely to change their opinion. When you stand up to oppression, bullying, mistreatment, possibly got fired, and were literally told you’d die… you don’t choose that path lightly. No new information will likely change their mind. Ironically, they’re the only people on earth that can still do something if their opinion changes. They can always get the shot if they want.
  3. Many people in the middle ground had the decision (to one degree or another) inflicted upon them. They’re the least likely to be happy. Nor is there a damn thing they can do about it.

Kinda lays out the ground work for the discussion right there.  Goes through some thought analysis from differing perspectives. 

We should pay attention to this experiment. It’s the biggest of its sort in centuries. The results are clear. The urge to subdue was a filter applied to the entire human population. A fearful angry mob subjugated every single person who was in the middle ground. Anyone who didn’t have a strong opinion and stronger will did not control their fate.

I find it hard to argue with this revelation...

I was beneath a tree (where all good thoughts originate). I desperately didn’t want to lose my job but it unemployment was just about a done deal. Regardless, I just couldn’t accept forced medical compliance. Then it came to my mind like a revelation: There’s no shame in falling in battle but walking into a medical facility and requesting your own subjugation is nothing but shame.

I can’t believe it took me so long to see the obvious. Everyone who’d complied against their wishes had done so merely because of a speech or paperwork or a memo.

I might get injected by force but I’d never subjugate myself. That’s all I needed to know to feel a measure of peace.

The basis for rejection, there you have it. Some of us just refused. this guy thought  it through. He concludes:

Now everyone knows exactly what can be done to them and precisely who could do it. That’s gotta’ hurt for that squishy middle ground person. Many of them will spend the next ten years wondering what has been done to or inflicted on them. Every healthy athlete that collapses for no good reason will make them nervous. Every statistical blip that’s censored online might hold a horror. It won’t get better. That’s their future.

Stay frosty out there people. The Bill Gates of the world have not stopped. They have been slowed a little, but not stopped....

Read the whole thing here (Adaptive Curmudgeon)