Friday, December 31, 2010

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!

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Happy New Years!!!!

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Back On!

Home from the holiday festivities. Christmas gifts , some work and a little skiing (uh snowboarding) with the Mellor Youth. All is well and ready to start the New Year here at Rumbear Manor.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to You & Yours
from all of us here at the Chronicles

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!

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Let the Holidaze begin! Merry Christmas!!

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Friday's Christmas Pun(s) !!!!

I liked em so well that....

Ah! Christmas! The one day of the year we can all say our children are truly gifted!

Why was Santa's little helper depressed? Because he had low elf esteem.

Someone has stated that the three phrases that best sum up the Christmas season are: "Peace on Earth", "Goodwill to Men" and "Batteries not included."

Bonus Humor.....a Gift of sorts!

Billy: How come you never hear anything about the tenth reindeer, Olive?
Tilly: Olive?
Billy: Yeah, you know... Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names...


Sick. Illin. Down for the Count.

What a week. Bedridden with some kinda Bronchitus/Flu/Lumpuckeroo-of-the-blowhole. 5 days of this crap and I still have a wheezzzz. Meanwhile, rain storm and hell fire have been badgering the south land. Background noise to a cough I would not wish on anyone.


I. Am. Up.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Juggling cases and the time is free!! The tuxedo is pressed for 1405 Scotch & Cigar gathering this weekend......Let the Holidaze begin!

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Say What?

Why are the Feds involved in this in regard to a bank?

Federal Reserve examiners come every four years to make sure banks are complying with a long list of regulations. The examiners came to Perkins last week. And the team from Kansas City deemed a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say "Merry Christmas, God With Us." were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the bank's Internet site also had to be taken down.

I get angry.....


She can be a bitch. Case in point. president Zeros and the Royals of Great Britain.

On April 29 in Westminster Abbey with all the grace and pageantry sure to capture international imaginations, commoner Kate Middleton will marry Prince William, son of Princess Diana. And don't forget the horsedrawn carriage perhaps.

But the current residents of the White House will not be there, according to the
Daily Mail.

I'm beginning to think maybe the iPod of speeches by Zero and the models of the helicoptor, Air Force One, had more of an impact than anticipated.

Then again, maybe it's just me. Zero prolly has a vacation scheduled anyway.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Border Patrol Agent Killed

How come we are not hearing more about this?? president Zero told us the border was safe. How come people keep getting shot at and some are dieing?

Agent Brian A. Terry was gunned down the frenzied shoot out that involved a cadre that robs illegal immigrants--vulnerable targets-- as they cross the border. One of the suspects was injured during the shoot out and taken into custody, said Barlow. Three more suspects were later apprehended.

Prior to the shooting, Terry was waiting with three other agents in a remote area north of Nogales, said T.J. Bonner, the council president of the National Border Patrol . A CBP spokesman would not confirm that account.

Terry, 40, a former Marine, was a member of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's special response team.

The good news is Janet Napolitano has been dispatched to the scene.

RIP Agent Terry. We are in the best of hands.....

(click en biggen)

Brads Off!!

Leg two is underway after several days of postponement. Brad has the early jump!
Next stop New Zealand. Keep the hammer down buddy.

Team Lazurus Racing

May you have fair winds and dry decks

Death Panels

Sarah Palin was mocked and ridiculed for labeling Obamacare with this phrase. Gues what? She was right. Who knew? Here's the latest example.....

Avastin, an advanced treatment for late-stage breast cancer, made it through the FDA approval process back in 2008. But over the summer, an advisory commission at the agency determined that the drug wasn't providing sufficient benefits to patients and recommended that the full FDA board retroactively rescind that stamp of approval. The FDA has until Dec. 17 to make that recommendation official. If it does, the effects on breast cancer patients will be devastating. Some 17,500 American women are prescribed Avastin every year. Many will face shorter, more painful lives because of the FDA's decisions.

The drug is not being banned because of side effects, or inefficiency. It is being banned, retroactivley because it costs to much.

The truth is that Avastin is expensive. A year-long supply for breast cancer treatment costs upwards of $80,000.

Can't have these expensive drugs under Obamacare.

I recall it was barely a week or two ago in our fair burb when the ladies dressed in pink were marching "for the cure" in the Susan Kommen races. Where are they on this?? Walking faster?

Obama lied, people will die. Does anybody care?


Yesterday he was sharing his views after traveling around California. The scenes were grim. Today, Victor Davis Hanson, puts president Zero in his sights.

There is little presidential stature left. When Barack Obama addresses the Sen. minority leader as “Mike” McConnell or claims the U.S. motto is e pluribus unum rather than “In God We Trust,” this is by now a non-news story—not after “57 states” or “corpse-men” or Austrian-speaking Austrians. Proclaiming that at some point individuals have made enough money raises no eyebrows either—not after “spread the wealth,” “redistributive change,” and claiming that the purpose of capital gains tax hikes was not to increase federal revenue but to ensure “fairness.”

I get the feeling VDH has had enough. How bout you?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

State of the State.

Victor Davis Hanson spanks it outta the park on the current status of the once Golden State.

Two Californias Abandoned farms, Third World living conditions, pervasive public assistance -- welcome to the once-thriving Central Valley. (click)

Gun Control

Praise the Lord this jackass did not have any. How different would this have been if one of those brave men sitting there had a CC permit?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's "Monday" Pun(s)

What do reindeer say before they tell a joke? This will sleigh you.

What is Santa's primary language? North Polish.

What do you call Santa's helpers? Subordinate Clauses.

James Fenimore Cooper wrote about the life of Santa Claus. It is titled The Deer Sleigher.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pavel Warms Up

Last week I took the Rumbear Youth to see the Wings vs DuhUcks game at the Honda Ponda in Anaheim. Met up with several of the 19 from Abel to Yzerman. RW Bill went to the game the next night at the Staples Center and shot this video. Enjoy....

Saturday, December 11, 2010


You need a place where you can find some shelter
Follow me there, follow me there
You want a hand to hold, someone to help you
Follow me there, come on, follow me there

Where love, like a river, flows
Peace like you've never known
And joy never ending lives
A place where faith can find
Hope that will never die
Follow me there, come on, follow me there

You need a place to be your sanctuary

Follow me there, come on, follow me there
Where you can lay down all those burdens you carry
Follow me there, come on, follow me there

Where the lost can find salvation
And the lonely finds a friend
Where the sinner finds forgiveness
Won't you follow me there
Won't you follow me there

Friday, December 10, 2010

I do not know why the type size is all screwyed up. I surrender to the almighty Blogger....

One unidentified lawmaker went so far as to mutter “f— the president”

Hey hey.....I hear you ya racist bastard.

What?!! That's what they call Republicans when they say anything negative about the anointed one. Looks like it was
Rep. Jim Moran (MoronD-VA) that uttered the words not heard round the world.

The Democrats are acting like meter maids....eating their own and gloating aboot it.

(that's Canadian) [the language....not the canabalism]

Sheesh...tough crowd.
Did I say that out loud?

It's Aloha Friday... work till Monday!!!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ...

Sports weekend, WINGS v Les Habitants TONIGHT, Girls Waterpolo, Boys Lacrosse, Chargers v Chiefs and LIONS v ?????. Y'all have a great one!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

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Obama Abdicates

to this guy........
Oh yeah...we are in the best of hands.

Obama honors Nobel winner with statement about himself

no one, absolutely no one, was surprised.

GlowBall Warming Redux

Big suare' going on down in Cancun, Mexico. All the hoi poloi of teh GlowBall Warmingist persuasion have gathered to worship Gaia. Intrepid reporters being, well, intrepid headed south to join the fun.

Circulated petitions they did. Save this, ban that. Here one that was circulated to rid the world of the evils of
"DiHydrogen Monoxide."

It was euphemistically entitled “Petition to Ban the Use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO)” (translation water). It was designed to show that if official U.N. delegates could be duped by college students into banning water, that they could essentially fall for anything, including pseudo-scientific studies which claim to show that global warming is man-caused.

Despite the apparently not-so-obvious reference to H2O, almost every delegate that collegian students approached signed their petition to ban that all too dangerous substance, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, is the major substance in acid rain, and is fatal if inhaled.

Water. Ban water. Bawhahahahahahahaha.............................

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Obama Capitulates...

....Agrees with Republicans in Refusing to Raise Taxes During a Depression

Democrats cry foul. The party that only last week was demanding that Republicans "compromise" on the tax raising issues now cries foul when "compromise" means they capitulate.

"Compromise means you go along with our view" said one brain dead, Democratic Senator. (Is that redundant?)

December 7, 1941

Dawn.....350 planes, attacking in two waves, were determined to destroy America’s resolve along with her fleet, the envy of the world. When the finally settled 2,333 of America’s finest lay dead and 1,139 lay wounded in agony and disbelief.