Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Shoe Drops...  

Yannow that person that stops by your parents house and checks on em.  Helps them out...yeah that one. You pay him/her a few sheckles to keep tabs on the parents.  Well in several states, (Michigan, Illinois) laws allowed the Unions declare them to be "Health Care Workers" and forced them to join the Union. Pushback in the form of a lawsuit ensued and.......


Court: Public union can't make nonmembers pay fees

The Supreme Court dealt a blow to public sector unions Monday, ruling that thousands of home health care workers in Illinois cannot be required to pay fees that help cover a union's costs of collective bargaining.

The howl of the Libtards grows! 


...Some adults have entered the room. (or John Roberts sobered up)

In a close 5-4 decision Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, ruling that corporations cannot be forced to provide contraception coverage for their employees.

Stand by for the plaintive wail of the Libtards....

Monday's Pun(s) !!! 

My blind date's not looking good.

I'm reading a book about mazes, I got lost in it.

The rich squirrels stayed in the The Nutcracker Suite.

Robin Olds

Badass of the Week has a good write up. 

Hat tip to OAFS for the link....
or meybe it was Parrothead Jeff. 
I get confused, more coffee, please.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,
nah, nah, Na...Batman!


Hat tip to ORPO

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plane Porn 


Maybe Ima Missing Something.....

So I get an email with my "Supporter Record" a few days back.  The figures (zero) seem aboot right.  Then, today, another missive is delivered. I provide an excerpt below...

Michelle Obama <> Unsubscribe

9:38 AM (48 minutes ago)

to me
Rumbear --

You've done so much to help Barack, and he'd like to meet you and thank you in person.

Rest assured Dear Reader(s) that I will continue to do nothing to maintain my super star status...

Just a Little Microburst at the USAF Academy...

Fly em if ya can boys!


Coach Lasso is my kinda guy.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Almost There! 

Florida to Bangkok in a 1976 Piper Navajo Chieftain....what could go wrong?  It is a good read over at Dead Reckoning.


It's Aloha Friday ....   work till Monday !!!


Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Summer Series of the CR 914 schedule continues.  Boat is over at the Skunkworks getting a tune up. Got to attack the Honey Do list on Saturday and maybe rest on Sunday....or not.  Y'all have a great weekend!!!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

"Get your island fix on the Internet with KPOA!"

Listen live to the island sounds from Maui!

The Blogfadduh... 

The Acidman.

I first wrote about Rob in a post from 2007:

It was a year ago today that I learned of the passing of Rob Smith aka “Acidman”. I began reading his blog “Gut Rumbles” three years prior. Rob was a great writer that was able to skewer his points home with a flare that was all his own. Some say he was gruff and crude. To me he was a diamond, in the rough. A “Tall Dog” indeed. I posted a few comments on his blog and we exchanged an e-mail or two.

Not without his problems, Rob went in to Willingway Hospital to slay some of his demons. Before he went in, Rob invited his readers to send written correspondence to give him something to do. He guaranteed he would write back. I sent him a brief missive wishing him the best with the treatment. True to his word, he wrote back. Several more letters followed where we exchanged thoughts and views.

Out of Willingway he went back to blogging. Over the months we continued to exchange an e-mail or two. He always encouraged The Rumbear to start a blog. Just write for yourself, he would say. I always deferred a firm response.

Over the weeks and days the Acidman's writing style was returning. He was getting back in stride. Then he died…June 26, 2006. The news hit hard.

When this blog was launched several months later, the words of the Acidman were ringing in my ears. Thanks Rob, rest in peace my friend..... R.I.P.

I am still wiggling old friend. But every once in a while I pause, and think about ya.  By God he stomped on the terra. Miss ya buddy.

Memories, they can't be bought and
They can't be won in carnivals for free
It took me years, to get these souvenirs
And I don't know how they slipped away from me...

"Souvenirs," by John Prine & Steve Goodman

For Your Edification.... 

DEMOCRATICYou have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being successful. Barbara Streisand sings for you.

REPUBLICANYou have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You show your neighbor how he too can have a cow and offer to help him take care of it. Your neighbor demands "free" milk.

You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor. The government forms a cooperative to tell you both how to manage your cows.

You have two cows. The government seizes both and provides you with milk. You wait in line for hours to get it.It is expensive and sour.

You have two cows. You sell one, buy a bull, and build a herd of cows.

BUREAUCRACY, AMERICAN STYLE You have two cows. Under the new farm program the government pays you to shoot one, milk the other, and then pours the milk down the drain.

You have two cows.You sell one, lease it back to yourself and do an IPO on the 2nd one. You force the two cows to produce the milk of four cows. You are surprised when one cow drops dead. You spin an announcement to the analysts stating you have downsized and are reducing expenses. Your stock goes up.

FRENCH CORPORATION You have two cows. You go on strike because you want three cows.You go to lunch and drink wine.Life is good.

JAPANESE CORPORATION You have two cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk.They learn to travel on unbelievably crowded trains. Most are at the top of their class at cow school.

You have two cows. You engineer them so they are all blond, drink lots of beer, give excellent quality milk, and run a hundred miles an hour. Unfortunately they also demand 13 weeks of vacation per year.

ITALIAN CORPORATION You have two cows but you don't know where they are. While ambling around, you see a beautiful woman. You break for lunch. Life is good.

RUSSIAN CORPORATION You have two cows. You have some vodka. You count them and learn you have five cows. You have some more vodka. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows. The Mafia shows up and takes over however many cows you really have.

TALIBAN CORPORATION You have all the cows in Afghanistan, which are two. You don't milk them because you cannot touch any creature's private parts. You get a $40 million grant from the US government to find alternatives to milk production
but use the money to buy weapons.

IRAQI CORPORATION You have two cows. They go into hiding. They send radio tapes of their mooing.

POLISH CORPORATION You have two bulls. Employees are regularly maimed and killed attempting to milk them.

BELGIAN CORPORATION You have one cow. The cow is schizophrenic. Sometimes the cow thinks he's French, other times he's Flemish. The Flemish cow won't share with the French cow. The French cow wants control of the Flemish cow's milk. The cow asks permission to be cut in half. The cow dies happy.

You have a black cow and a brown cow. Everyone votes for the best looking one. Some of the people who actually like the brown one best accidentally vote for the black one. Some people vote for both.Some people vote for neither. Some people can't figure out how to vote at all. Finally, a bunch of guys from out-of-state tell you which one you think is the best-looking cow.

You have millions of cows. They make real California cheese. Only five speak English. Most are illegals. Jerry Brown likes the ones with the big udders. He taxes the five that speak English.


Is there anything they can't do?!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Stopped by the Gunsmoke shop when I was in Denver this week. Rich Wyatt was in da house.  I had a nice visit with him and grabbed a foto or two. Great guy, very engaging. Spent 20 minutes chatting about legal stuff. Good times.

No  G O A L!!! 

Lemme get this straight....USA loses the game and advances to the next round?!

This "sport" is a libtards dream......


Washington DC delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton attends the demonstration of a cutting edge, proto type, technology laden, driver less automobile. She gets in the car and......pushes the BIG RED emergency button.

She killed the car.

The engineers could not reboot it.

and....the whole thing is on film.

These are our leaders.  This is why we cannot have nice things.....


One of my patients had a freudian slip the other day. He was having dinner with his wife and instead of saying pass the salt he said you’ve ruined my life you blood-sucking shrew. — Dr. Niles Crane (Frasier)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Colorado Pun's 

More World Cup Excitement!!

Steve Martin watches the World Cup!!!


Tip O the hat to Earl.

Tuesday's Monday Pun(s)  

The sledder who got injured realized that his wounds were more than he tobogganed for.

My computer's mouse wouldn't work. Then it clicked.

The constables held the boat thief at bay.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Day in the Administration....
It's Aloha Friday Saturday....   work till Sunday !!!


Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Summer Series of the CR 914 schedule continued without me on Friday. (See my previous) Saturday is time to finish the tune up on the Jeep. Rumbear 1 is wheels up at 13:15 on Sunday...  Y'all have a great weekend!!!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

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Listen live to the island sounds from Maui!
Big Finish!!! 

Indeed, big finish to the week....

Took a little business trip and picked up some grunge...lumpuckeroo of the blowhole, as me dear mother used to opine.  Infection in my foot, exacerbated over a 24 hour period, led to a Friday afternoon with Doctor 92106.  Prognosis is good, after consuming copious amounts of drugs.  I think it was Chris LeDoux that said I'm much to young to feel this damn olde.....

Better living through chemistry....

Next adventure begins in 3 - 2 - ........

Thursday, June 19, 2014

LA Kings win the Stanley Cup!!!

Meanwhile, hysteria grows for World Cup soccer......

World Cup...

....just not a fan.  However, this is a cool commercial.

Hey, Hey.... 

Back In The Saddle Again...

Apologies for the postage interuptus...I had a little business opportunity flare up and embraced it accordingly. Along with the demise of the Laptop it led to a paucity of postings.  Back in Rumbear Manor for a few days. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Okay, Okay... 

Several of you...okay, Both of my readers, have complained, bitched, pestered, whined,....uhhhhh, queried, yeah, that's it quiered as to why I have not posted a personal photo.  Here ya go...thats me on the floor.

That's right bitches...I had a retro high chair BEFORE it was retro.  Oh yeah......

You are welcome.....

Son Of A Bush Pilot... 

That's my sister Charlotte circa late 40's early 50's.

Miss ya Dad....everydamnday.


So It Is Done...

2014 Stanley Cup Champions

Los Angeles Kings!!!

Life here at Rumbear Manor is, well, good....

Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Aloha Friday....   work till Monday !!!


Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

Great photo, if I do say so myself...power is cut and she is settling in.....steady now, wait for it.... The Summer Series of the CR 914 schedule continues this afternoon. Kings vs Rangers in what should be the last game of the season and the Stanley Cup Finals. Saturday SNT returns from school after a long year of NanoEngineering.  Tune up for the Jeep and preparing for a business trip round out the weekend...  Y'all have a great weekend!!!

Doo de doo, de doo, de doo ....

"Get your island fix on the Internet with KPOA!"

Listen live to the island sounds from Maui!

The Last Tango...

Should be the last game of the hockey season tonight.  That what the smart money says...







Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nuff Said....


Make me a sammich.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Game #4 

The quest for Lord Stanley's Cup continues tonight.  Kings are up 3-0 and the smell of desperation is in the Rangers locker room. Can they do it?  


Who knows....

Go Kings GO!!!!!

Arrested for Shooting The Moon?

PRESCOTT, AZ - A man was arrested by Prescott Valley police after he shot his handgun in a residence and claimed he was shooting at the moon.

Maybe I read that wrong.....

Top Gun!

I thought it was a great movie for it's time. A glimpse into the Sierra Hotel world of flyboys.  As usual Hollywood took some liberties with the truth.  This video skewers a few of those issues.**

** rough language alert for those readers with sensitive ears....

Down Goes Frazier! 

Down. Goes. Frazier.

News is made when the Tall Dogs are taken down. 

Last nite Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader was taken down by an unknown Tea Party supported candidate named David Brat.  The RINO's in the GOP are beside themselves. They have been trumpeting the demise of the Tea Party for the past few months. RINO Mitch McConnel has openly mocked his fellow GOPer's. 

Amnesty was a key issue in the Cantor-Brat contest. Brat is a proponent of closing the borders. Cantor has repeatedly straddled the fence on the issue playing the nuance position of being against it while supporting "reform"....whatever that means.  Last night the voters of Virginia decided that they knew what it meant and had heard enough. 

They took down a RINO.....


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


KINGS Up 3-Zip! 

Stanley Cup Finals game #3 from the MSG (Monosodium glutamate arena) saw the LA Kings thump the hapless Rangers 3-0.  Kings goalie J. Quick chalks up a shut out. 

Time to look for my broom because a sweep is a definite possibility.  Next game is Wednesday and Lord Stanley's chalice will be in da house!