Thursday, January 16, 2014

So I...

-watched a sunset.
-consumed adult beverages.
-remain curious as to why The Schwartz was fired in Detroit.
-went sailing 23 miles out in the ocean with SNO.
-watched waay to much football.
-went to a party.  (maybe two)
-could care less aboot Chris Christie and the traffic cone scandal.
-reloaded some ammo.
-went to the gun range.
-tuned up the JetSki.
-rode the JetSki because it is 80 degrees.
-watched a sunrise.
-took Hockeydawg swimming.
-had a dream aboot the Chargers-49ers in the Soopper Bowl.
-showed my daughter that the Boxster can do 100 mph.
-watched some hockey.
-still despise the Patriots.
-smoked a Macanudo.
-practiced casting.
-wonder who the hell the Detroit Lions hired as a Coach.
-went to the gun range. 
-reloaded more ammo.
-fixed a water heater. 
-killed a rat.
-took my daughter to lunch in Julian.
-saw Lone Survivor.
-raced my model boat.
-watched a moonrise from the hot tub.
-rooted for the 49ers.
-cleaned some guns.
-took my SNT to the hospital.
-started walking at least mile every other day...whether I need to or not.
-saw the Chargers lose....again.
-have a trial on the 31st.
-bought six new Trout flies.
-am ready to start the year.......

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Buck said...

Welcome back. I was beginning to wonder.