Friday, December 18, 2009

No "L"

While living on the impoverished south end of Sausalito for a decade or so I used to see a lighted sign every year around Christmas.  Walking home from the ferry landing to my tiny home I would marvel at a white lighted capital "L" surrounded by a circle and slash of red lights, as in the international symbol for "No".
The "L" looking familiar, left me for years wondering what this neighbor had against the Lottery. Who knew?

Then one evening while travelling home from the latest suare at SYC, Mrs Rumbear commented on how clever the lighted L was.  Being an erudite bear about town I responded, "Huh?"  She glanced at me and said "Noel", get it?  Well, I did.  Right at that moment.

I now proudly display a similar sign atop Rumbear Manor.  Many still don't get it.  A wife, that's what makes me smarter than the average bear. Happy Noel.

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