Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays.....

Once president Zero, Our Hero realizes there is nothing left to destroy on the mainland this year he is jetting off to Hawaii.  Now along with his entourage of hanger ons and sycophants, zero brings with him some real impact on the local economy. 

As all you pilot guys know wherever the President is a Restricted Zone is establish.  There is one over the White House.  Others pop up as the President moves to a different locale.  Traffic at LAX gets tied up when Zero comes to town.  Remember Nixon and the Western White House and who can forget BJ Billy Clinton and his haircut?  But hey, who am I to question protocol it works both ways. 

Unless you are in Hawaii.  See, the island is only so big.  Thus, chaos.

President Barack Obama is expected to be in the islands for the holidays. The nearly two-week-long vacation may prove costly to some island businesses.

For many local flight schools and air tour operators it has been a difficult economic year. Now, their companies will encounter even more financial turbulence with the president's visit.

Mark Jones prepares planes to take off at George's Aviation. The business heavily relies on flight training for a big part of its income. Those training flights will be largely grounded as part of the safety measures in place during Obama's stay in Windward Oahu as temporary flight restrictions, or TFRs, will be in place."

Within a 10-mile radius around Kaneohe Bay, only airlines, air am will be able to fly. That excludes the area around Honolulu Airport. There is another restricted area between 10 to 30 miles from Kaneohe Bay," Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said."

Flight training is not approved of 30 miles of the president. So, effectively that will shut down the flight schools from training," Jones said.

Some helicopter tours and charter flights may be allowed to fly. However, Pat Magie's seaplane tours will be sunk by the restrictions.

"We can't fly tourists. We can't train. We've got an enforced two-week vacation without pay," Magie said.

Not to mention the traffic.  One road into K-Bay.  Saving the economy, creating jobs.  Hopey/Changey....how's that working for ya?

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