Friday, September 11, 2009


president Zero was out again this week trying to convince us that spending $900 billion to "reform" healthcare under some plan he has yet to draft is a good thing.  Zero snapped his fingers and called a Joint Session of Congress to hear his words.  The problems arose immediately when it bacame apparent that Zero really has no plan, (Don't believe me? Then produce it.)  Without a stated plan, it does not matter how passionate one is.....your audience ultimately figures out your selling them ice boxes and they live in Wassilla, AK.  In short, it don't work.
It got so bad that one brave member of Congress had the temerity to stand up and call out president Zero as a "liar".  While boorish behavior is not to be condoned, Joe Wilson was spot on.  Zero was lieing.  (need a list?) To his credit Joe Wilson apoligized for the comment, but not the accusation.  After days of harrumping, we now know he was right, the proposed bill would cover illegal aliens.  Even that olde fossil John McCain muscled in on the act playing the part of a useful fool in television interviews. 

Still the left continues to move forward declaring they may use the "reconcilliation" and force the bill through using parliamentary procedures.  The moderates in the Democratic Party are against this since it would most likely spell the end for their tenure in the next election.  The sign on the left pretty much sums up the public attitude.

I predict this will get even more interesting as the lefties continue to fight amongst themselves.  Pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

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