Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm With Lex...

Look, there’s a real problem in America with racial profiling. Which is not much ameliorated by the fact that there are valid correlations between race/class and violent crime. Which has very little to do with a tenured Harvard professor in Cambridge playing the race card to mask the fact that he’s basically being a prick.

So while the matter could have been handled at the local level that option disappeared when that giant of metal thought president Zero weighed in. Think about that....the PRESIDENT of the USA weighing in on the arrest of a racist little SOB. Amazing...simply amazing. Yet here we are.

Iowahawk has weighed in and as usual has things in perspective...kind of..

When I first learned of the arrest of my colleague Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates after he stood up to the fascist jackboots of a declasse, ill-educated Cambridge police officer, I was of course angered -- but scarcely shocked. L'Affaire Gates simply aired, in public, the dirty 100-thread-count table linen of an American culture where Harvard faculty assholes still face a daily struggle against profiling, abuse, and insolence.

It will come as no surprise that Skip's arrest was the talk of the Douchebag Room at the Harvard Faculty Club last Friday. I and a group of colleagues had assembled for our weekly lunch; I opted for their competently-prepared Ahi Tuna Tartare and an amusing glass of '05 Hospices de Beaune Premier Cru Cuvee Cyrot-Chaudron. I had noticed that the Franz Fanon Memorial Booth -- Skip's long-reserved lunch spot -- was uncharacteristically empty, and asked our waiter Sergio for an explanation.

"Professor Skeep, he no is come today," said Sergio. "I tink he is in the jail."

Maybe they all should be......

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