Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was watching that House hunters show last night. Surfed in to one with a young couple in some almost third world European country looking for new digs. They were touring housing projects, you know the style, shoe boxes stacked 15 stories some with those little 12 inch psuedo balconies. So they are looking at these places and they are dumps by our standards. 800 square feet, old appliances peeling paint and some furnished furniture out of an Austin Powers movie. Around $60,000.00 grand in USA dollars. These two 30 ish kids are giddy with the prospect of moving up to one of these little gems. This is the bees knees to them.

All I could think of was this is what their expectations are. Under their system this is what is a step up for folks. System? Did I forget to mention that the gubbermint was the “owner”? The gubbermint would help them qualify for this little slice of the pie. You could almost here George Jefferson singing “Movin On Up” in the background.

So where are you going with this Rumbear? Well it struck me, this is where we are heading.

This is the plan. When the gubbermint controls every aspect of society it dictates what is “better”. It will tell/allow you to have the good stuff if you behave. You want a big house…sorry, we only give loans from gubbermint banks for this style home. Like that SUV? Gonna keep it no matter what? Well, it needs to be licensed and there is a carbon tax…go ahead enjoy that SUV! Pay here. Ready to play ball? Here’s your car credit for turning in that polluter in. Stand over here and we will get you a “new” GM car. When one is available. Seems those workers in Detroit don’t produce as fast as they used to. Wonder why?

We are six months in to president Zeros reign. The country is awash in trillions in debt when a mere 12 months ago George Bush running a billion behind was causing the Liberals to scream from the rafters. Companies are owned by the gubbermint, AIG, GM, Morgan Stanley (did you know the Chinese own a 9.9 % interest?). The Cap & Trade bill will require you to make your home “green”, whatever that means, in order to sell it. Can’t sell it, now the gubbermint is talking about taking over your loan and renting what used to be your house back to you. President Zero is backing the return of Zelaya to Honduras. He is on the side of Castro, Hugo Chavez and their commie friends. Zero the hero.

The American way of life is being destroyed. Your expectations are being shifted to a new paradigm where all you will hope for is some kind of fairness from the Gubbermint. Mediocrity will be the norm. The hand writing is on the wall. Still many cannot read it. Maybe they will when they move in to their new 800 square foot gubbermint home.

Hopey/Changey…how’s that working for ya?

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