Friday, February 20, 2015

Go Slow? 

As many of you know I have been a fan of the classical mens clothier in beach fashions The Mad Gringo for several years. Indeed, over there I am referred to as Mad Rumbear. But, I digress...

Last year the greedy bastard that runs the show sold out to the mega capitalist forces that be.  Something about Living his dream....Selfish SOB.

Then last fall he announced the Long Adios over on Kickstarter. I bought in. Well, as the Venture Capitalist vultures say....We funded that bitch.  Thus, I await the delivery of much SWAG to soothe my feelings of being abandoned by a corporate sell out to roam the earth in search of a replacement tropical shirt coordinator. (ya can't just strut down to Saville Row and find thereally good stuff)

Yannow I'm just kidding right Greg?  Greg? SWAG Greg,'s the Rumbear. Don't make me hunt you liver wont take it. GREG!!!!!!!!!!!

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