Thursday, March 05, 2015

Lorna Doone's...
On Southwest Flying east bound today from Sacramento to Denver at 39000 feet. Flight Crew passed out Lorna Doones as a snack.  Eating Lorna Doone's and enjoying the ride....took me back.

1978 PDQ Dispatch 201: The nightly freight run from Detroit to Columbus then on to Atlanta. Usually flew this route in a Cessna 404, 11 passenger turbo charged twin. Turn around time at Hangar One in Atlanta means it will be sunrise northbound somewhere near Knoxville. My routine was to pick up two cartons of milk and a package of Lorna Doone's. Home bound at 8000 feet flying from the right seat with the sun rising overs the east coast on my starboard side. 

Just me and my Lorna Doone's.....and the PIC (pilot in command) snoring to my left.

Life was good.

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