Friday, January 23, 2015

Forgive me HockeyGawds....

....for I have sinned.

I went to a Colorado Avalanche game. I know, I know...being a fan of the greatest hockey team ever, the Detroit Red Wings, I am not allowed to entertain thoughts of lesser teams. In mitigation I offer:

-I am in Denver for four weeks
-It was the last game before the All Star break
-I have never been to the Pepsi Can Center
-They were playing the Big Bad Broons
-I got a deal
-It was a rush decision
-I made the news....sort of...

I worked late and got back to my room.  Earlier, I had checked Stub Hub and the nosebleed seats were $48 bucks. Kinda high for nose bleeds seats but, see mitigation list above. Game time was 8:00 PM. I checked Stubby at 6:15.......when what to my wondering eyes appears....Rinkside, Seat #10, $56.00

We going.

Great fun was had! See the foto above? Background, blue jacket with orange sweater....Da Bear. Seat right behind the Avs goalie. Some kid named VArylarmonovski or something.  Good goalie. Lots of action right in front of me.  Happy as a bird with a french fry! Got to see old tyme Red Wing Brad Stuart. Up close with Jerome ugly dude.  Chara and Marchand.  Cool.

Tons of loud, rude, obnoxious Broon fans. Par for the course. The words etiquette and Boston are rarely seen in the same sentence They got really bad when the Broons went ahead with about 10 minutes left. 

The Avs tied the game with minutes to go. That shut up the loathsome Broon fans. Overtime was good with the Avs having several solid opportunities. The there was a shootout! I have never seen one live.  WOW!  Avs scored and Boston had three attempts to tie it dice.  Avs won by blocking the last attempt.  Shot a little video below.

In pennance I will do 3 Hail Datsyuk's, 2 forgive me Z's and a Bless you Babcock. 

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