Friday, September 19, 2014

Why Not Today? 

Grow some canojes Zeke!  Why should you remain on the planet sucking up oxygen, excreting carbon, and harming the ozone, and, well, just taking up space?  Man up Brother, show your stones and let us weak bastids learn our fate...Lead you weak minded simpleton!!

Yes, the simpleton that created Obammy Care wants us all to die at age 75.  Of course, HE only "hopes" to die at 75.  He wants you and I to die at 75. 

Man up....but he won't. Zeke, skin deep, you are a pansy...From a long line of Emanuel wimps. An elitist suedo man, pretending to function here on earth as member of society. You preach, but do not practice. You destroy to maintain that you have achieved. You are a weak Libtard, a soulless person with no basis for living.

Go away Zeke.....Grab your cojones and practice what you preach.....

But he won't.....

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