Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Murdering Ray Lewis 

That retired ex Pro Bowel linebacker for the Ravens, Murdering Ray Lewis, was on the radio today.  Seems he was offended by the comparisons between Ray "knockout" Rice and his badself.

You remember Ray Lewis...he was "allegedly" involved in that "incident" wherein a guy was murdered, uh, died.  Ray beat the rap though...seems the witnesses also "died" or were otherwise unavailable to testify.  

Pro Bowel career here he comes!

So the escapades of Ravens running back Ray Rice and his knockout punch of his wife are now center stage. Some talking head had the temerity to compare Murdering Ray to Knockout Ray.  Uh Huh, no you didn't,....Murdering Ray stated that he was a trying to be a "mentor" to Ray Rice and teach him how to stay out of trouble....

Rush Limbaugh summed it up nicely.....

”Whether Ray Lewis was successful as a mentor depends entirely on your perspective.”


 Drop the mike……….

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