Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS vs ISIL?   

Who are we fighting?  The entire world calls the scum running amok in Irac & Syria ISIS.  The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria. So what does president Zero, Our Hero call these mongrels?  ISIL.....wha, what, who?

ISIL....Islamic State of Iraq & Levant. 

Well Olde Zero, being smarter than the average jackass, is pulling one over on you.  He comes from the tell the lie often and repeat it at every opportunity crowd.  I guess he is hoping that the ISIS nimrods catch on to his word play & change their name.

So Rumbear, what's the big deal?  They are still bad guys, right?  Well, lemme ask you...what is the Levant? Hmmm......?*


That's right boys & girls, president Zero is lumping Israel and it's land, in with these ISIS punks.  That's why he uses ISIL and no one else does.

File Under: Stoopid Crap Our president Pulls.

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