Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OMG It's Gonna Rain! 

The nattering naybobs of negativity are in full bloom as the FIRST, (i.e., One) (1st) (only) storm of the season is aboot to hit Southern California. 2 inches of rain is forecast and the wind will blow a little.**

Nevertheless, we are being bombarded by an endless parade of predictions, prognostications and DOOM!.  Katie, bar the door, to the lifeboats, man the sand bag line, flash floods are a possibility, homes will be lost, mothers will have to tread water, the chillern will be harmed. Oh, the humanity.

Welcome to So Cal.  Meh...

Me? Well, I check the level in the rum stash and took Hockeydawg for a swim before the "OMG It's Gonna Rain!" storm arrives.  

We good.

** (This storm is a good thing...I have a 20 mile ocean race on Saturday. Let it blow!!)

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