Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Republican What?! 

Those wacky folks down in Sandy Eggo done went and elected themselves a Republican Mayor!  Kevin Faulconer won the Special Election on Tuesday finishing almost 10% points ahead of the Democrat twerp. The election was the result of the former Mayor/Pervert resigning from office when a Platoon of women came forward with tawdry stories of his boorish behavior. 

This is a big one for the almost dead in California GOP!  The Union hacks threw everything they had behind their shill, David Alvarez.  With little experience in office for the 33 year old City Councilman to run on he went right into the dirt for his the base painting Mayor Faulconer as a 1%. $4.2 million in union funds poured in. Sandy Fluke and even olde president Zero, Our Hero weighed in endorsing the diminutive Democrat.

Outspent by over a million dollars, Mayor Faulconer, (yeah, I like saying that) soldiered on.  In the end, the people voted. They tossed aside the Unions, their imported thugs, and race baiting tactics.

For now, the Give Us Free Crap Express has been derailed....

Congratulations, Mister Mayor!

UPDATE:  Obama Turnout Machine Crashes in San Diego—Loses Mayor’s Race by Nine Points.

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