Sunday, December 29, 2013


I had no intention of watching football today. The football Gods stuck a fork in the Detroit Lions a week or so ago. On the other hand, Mrs. Rumbear and the Rumbear Youth are died in the wool Charger fans.  Thus, the morning was spent following Miami...(lose, lose, lose) and the Ravens (lose, lose lose)...that would set the table so that if the Chargers beat the Chiefs....they are in the playoffs. 

Dolphins lost. C-ya!

Ravens lost. C-ya!

The table was set. Time for the Chargers to deliver.

Chiefs had said they would be sitting their starters. Resting them up for their own playoffs.  Chargers would be playing the Replacements....what could go wrong?  Yeah, well, it is the Chargers.  Up and down game that went to overtime.....and the Chargers pulled it off! Winning ugly but I will take it!

Wife is happy.  (i.e. Happy wife. Happy life)

On to CinciTucky next week to play the Bengals. Go Bolts!!!

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