Monday, November 05, 2012

Peeling back the onion.... 

Seems presidnet Zero does have a plan for teh post or not.  More residents of Ohio (Oiho) and Pennsylvania will be driven to the food stamp programs by ole Zero's EPA.

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an unprecedented number of bureaucrats to finalizing new anti-coal regulations that are set to be released at the end of November, according to a source inside the EPA.
More than 50 EPA staff are now crashing to finish greenhouse gas emission standards that would essentially ban all construction of new coal-fired power plants. Never before have so many EPA resources been devoted to a single regulation. The independent and non-partisan Manhattan Institute estimates that the EPA’s greenhouse gas coal regulation will cost the U.S. economy $700 billion.
So I will posit a rhetorical question....If you are a resident of any coal producing state, how can you vote for this nimrod?  

Stupid is as stupid does.....

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