Sunday, November 18, 2012


How did Mitt and them Republicans lose the election? What do we need to win next time?  Surely we just need more: 
Gay Mawridge? 
Nukes for transvestites?  Free republican phones?

There has to be an answer out there somewhere....


In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes

"It's one thing for a Democratic presidential candidate to dominate a Democratic city like Philadelphia, but check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch."



What could it be?  This is so frustrating........


  Records show Gilpin County had 61 percent voter turnout in the 2010 election and Hinsdale County had an astounding 92 percent voter turnout. This is far above the Colorado average turnout of 48 percent, and the national average of 41 percent. All ten counties investigated by Media Trackers reported voter turnout greater than the national average. Nine out of ten also showed voter turnout well above the Colorado average. Mineral and San Juan counties, which have voter registration numbers of 126 percent and 112 percent respectively, had voter turnout of 96 and 83 percent respectively.
Jackson, Summit, Cheyenne, and Elbert counties have 111, 107, 105, and 104 percent of their population registered to vote, while managing 71, 44, 71, and 63 percent voter turnout.


I. Just. Don't. Know. Somebody smarter than the average Rumbear will have to figure this one out.....

Do any of you have any clue???


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