Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hopefully you picked one up....
j u s t in time.  

As you know, the Bersa Thunder 380 was grandfathered onto the California DOJ approved handgun list.* It was allowed to be sold in California in several finishes and does very well there.* Well, I am sorry to say that as of this past Friday, we have been notified by the DOJ that the Bersa Thunder 380 has been removed from the approved list and can no longer be bought in California.* The main problem is that Bersa added the “key lock” feature to the slide, which CA deems is altering the function of the pistol, thus requiring us to have the pistol retested.* Only problem is, we can’t have the pistol retested because it does not have a loaded chamber indicator and that is one of the main requirements.

Long story short, we added a new safety feature, making the pistol even more safe, but we have to stop selling them in California.* Please remove all Bersa handguns from being sold in to California until further notice.

We will see what we can do about getting our pistols compliant and give it another shot.* Sorry for the news, as I know CA is a large market for most of you.* Also, please pass this on to the appropriate departments so that all your sales teams know what is going on.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Rafael Del Valle
National Sales Manager
Eagle Imports Inc. 

Thanks California!

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