Monday, November 24, 2008

at the trough...

You have heard of the recent bailout the banks, save AIG, save the automakers ..... and just this morning, save Citibank. Well, guess what, now it's save our ....

wait for it...

Yes, kids, the skiing industry needs help. They even have a wish list..

Colorado's ski industry is greeting President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic sweep of Congress with its trademark optimism.
And a list.

Highest on the $4 billion-a-year industry's wish list from a unified Democratic president and Congress:
• Stimulate the economy and get people vacationing.
• Reform immigration and consider upping the number of temporary worker, or H-2B, visas that are the lifeline for resorts seeking seasonal employees.
• Increase Forest Service funding or at least separate firefighting funds from operation budgets.
• Address climate change by increasing tax credits for businesses that pursue environmentally friendly programs.
"Obviously this administration has a lot on its plate," said Melanie Mills, president of Colorado Ski Country USA, the marketing and policy group responsible for peddling Colorado skiing as a whole. "We don't want recreation to be left behind."

Because there is nothing like a little recreation to take your mind off being broke and unable to afford...recreation. Just ask those AIG executives.

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