Friday, January 01, 2016

Lazy Day...

Well deserved down time today.  Spent 2015 splitting time between Rumbear Manor and the new place "Up North" aka The River House. Career demands have the olde Rumbear living in one place and working in a tuther. Opportunity came knocking in 2015. I stood up and said yes.

So today I am catching up on my reading and visiting sites I used to read religiously. 

I see the OldAFSarge is still going strong. He has his hands full keeping Juvat in line. Captain Capitalism is still enjoying the decline. Stopped by Proof's place for a few insightful chuckles. I think we are almost neighbors with my new improved northern foot print. Always good to check in on the Lumberjack.

Checked in on Brigid for some cooking and armament tips. I see she is now a Glock fan. The Old Retired Petty Officer is looking good with is Bubba Gump beer glass. Half full or half empty?

The Daily Timewaster and It Ain't Holy Water remain Rumbear Approved. What can I say aboot Woodsterman?  Apparently I drive by his place in my travels.

Enough for this morning. Time for a little football and maybe an egg nog..



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We might have to say "Hey" in person one day. Proof is becoming quite a friend and is close by also.

Happy New Year!

Rumbear said...

It would be great to plan a little get together!

OldAFSarge said...

Happy New Year!